Relegation May Not Be A Bad Thing

We are getting to the time of the season, when the leagues are starting to take shape, we are getting a better idea as to who may be fighting against relegation or fighting for promotion.  The way the Premier League table currently looks won’t be much different to how it finishes come May. Apart from maybe Chelsea will move up the table be challenging to get in those Champions League places. And Leicester City, though no-one can argue they deserve to be where they are. I think it’s safe to say they won’t be challenging for the title come the end of the season.

At the bottom of the Premier League at the moment, we see the same suspects as the last few seasons, with Aston Villa currently sitting bottom on five points. Above them are Sunderland and Newcastle, who have both had their fights against relegation in recent seasons. Especially Sunderland, who seem to be stuck in a cycle of starting a season bad, sacking their manager, appointing the new man and surviving relegation and then sacking that manager at the stat of the following season. They will be hoping the appointment of Sam Allardyce will change that.

Clubs that are constantly fighting against relegation develop a losing mentality. the manager can change, the players can change but if a team is constantly losing games and fighting against relegation season after season,. It becomes the norm for that club. We have seen over the years certain clubs fighting against relegation year after year. Then when they finally do suffer the drop, they can drop down the leagues even further and it can be a long time before they return to the top league, if ever.

Whereas a team may suffer a years of relegation followed by promotion before eventually establishing themselves as a Premier League. Of course the fans will suffer the heartbreak of seeing their team relegated but that is soon forgotten the following season, when their team is winning games and challenging for an immediate return to the top-flight.

I understand that the club’s owners don’t want to be out of the Premier League, with all the money they receive for just being in the Premier League. And of course the prestige of being classed as one of the twenty best sides in the country. But surely for the long-term aim of a club, spending one or two years outside the Premier League is worth it, if it can stabilise a club and bring that winning mentality back.

if we look at the teams that were relegated from the Premier League last season, two of them in Hull City and Burnley are both contenders for promotion. They have both kept the management teams in place with pretty much the same playing staff. I feel if teams like Aston Villa and Sunderland were to do this they would bounce back to the Premier League straight and go on to establish themselves as a Premier League force again, rather than just fighting to avoid the dreaded drop season after season.

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