Jose Mourinho Sacked: Wait Haven’t We Been Here Before?

After yet another defeat for the defending Premier League Champions against high-flying Leicester on Monday night, rumours have been rife for the last few days that Chelsea would give the boot to Jose for a second time.

The defeat to Leicester left Chelsea sitting 16th in the Premier League with 15 points from their 16 league games so far this season. it left them 20 points adrift of league leaders Leicester and had Mourinho admitting after the game that any hopes of a top four finish were over.

Mourinho also claimed he felt betrayed by his players after their ninth league defeat of the season. He also questioned whether he was such a great coach that he had lifted his players to a new level last season. Or were they just not performing to their normal levels this season. He looked a man who didn’t know what his next move would be in an attempt to turn this round.

This is the first time Jose Mourinho has ever been faced with a situation like this. He has tried a number of different approaches with his players. He has criticised and dropped many of his star performers from last season. Then he tried praising his players after a 0-0 draw against Tottenham. Neither have had a effect with the Chelsea players.

Looking from the outside, you would have to say that Jose lost the dressing room as a too many players weren’t performing to their best just to say they were out of form. Players like Hazard, Fabregas and Costa look a shadow of the players they were last season and we can only guess as to why this is.

I watched Mourinho getting ready for the season and for me he didn’t look happy, Chelsea didn’t strengthen the squad that won the Premier League Title last season. We saw them replacing Drogba with Falcao. Falcao signed on loan after failing to impress for Manchester United. With Mourinho claiming he would show the real Falcao to the Premier League.

As a Manchester United fan, I know a number of United fans who believed that Falcao would score goals for Chelsea this season but I never saw that. He has used Falcao as a bit-part player and I believe the signing was one of desperation from Mourinho having failed to get his top targets.

Where now for Chelsea now they have decided that getting rid of Mourinho is the answer. It is believed that Dutchman Guus Hiddink will named as the manager until the end of the season. Not the first Hiddink has been called in by Chelsea. Having previously taken over after the sacking of Scolari in 2009.

As for Mourinho, he will bounce back once again and to the game with another top club. He’s managed in Portugal, Italy and Spain as well England. Would he want to go back to one of these countries or stay in England. The only country he may go to where he’s never been before is Germany. With Guardiola set to leave Bayern at the end of the season, would that job interest Jose.

Despite being sacked twice by Chelsea, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he returns to Stamford Bridge for a third spell one day.

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