Examining German Success In The Premier League Feat. Former Spurs And Liverpool Stars

Having recently been made aware that Jürgen Klopp is only the second German manager to work in the Premier League, thoughts were sparked about the presence from that country in the Premier League as a whole. How many players have come to England’s top flight since its incarnation in 1992 and have they been a success or failure?

We are in the 24th season of the Premier League and it is shocking to me that only 45 Germans have made at least one appearance in the division. While there are currently seven Germans plying their trade in the Premier league; with the latest addition to that number being Sunderland’s Jan Kirchhoff, this is surely fewer than would be expected from a nation who are the current world champions.

Many may believe that Jürgen Klinsmann was the first German to play a Premier League game but in fact that accolade is in possession Matthias Breitkreutz when he made his debut for Aston Villa against Manchester City on December 19 1992 in the first Premier League season. The honour of the first German to score a Premier League goes to Uwe Rosler and he is also the joint top goalscorer of German players with Jürgen Klinsmann on 29 goals. Rosler’s first strike came for Manchester City against Ipswich Town on March 29 1994.

Of the 45 players from Germany to play in the Premier League to date, how many can be regarded as successes? In my opinion, you would find it difficult to count into double figures when discussing this. Let’s take a look at three that I believe to have been a success in England. Feel free to leave your thoughts about the selections and comment with any who you feel have definitely taken the Premier League by storm.

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